Overview of Services

smart technology productss

As a Technology and Power Consultant, Ralph Modica analyzes and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and power in your home or business, identifies both existing and potential problems to recommend solutions, and helps you strategize the right equipment for your needs and budget.

home inspectionsServices include:

Standard Home Inspections
Thermal Imagining Inspections
Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection
Construction/Draw-Down Inspection
Renter’s Inspection
Annual Home Maintenance Inspection
Builder’s Warranty Inspection
Aging-in-Place Inspection

Smart home & office technology
smart lock & security camera
Smart appliance & lighting controls
Security systems
Monitoring CCTV systems

Energy efficiency analysis & design
Electrical distribution power analysis

UPS systems & generator needs analysis
UPS & generator systems for commercial & residential

computer refurbishingComputer refurbishing
Computer systems & IT services
Network analysis & design

Website hosting (see our other site)

Home/Building grounding & surge protection products
Faraday shield room design for ham radio & EMP protection
Lightning protection analysis
Power backup systems and generators
new home planning and design
New home technology & energy consultations
House design planning (so many details to plan! Let us help)
Retrofitting technology into older homes & offices

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