What’s overlooked in fire prevention?

Good prevention measures are the homeowner’s best defense from fire dangers. However, many homeowners tend to be negligent or forgetful or overly optimistic when it comes to insuring personal safety for their family.

home fire safetyIt is best to take a look at the home from an extreme case perspective to identify where possible breaches in fire containment and prevention may exist. “Murphy’s Law” is good to remember when it comes to safety: “What can go wrong, will go wrong — at the most damaging time”. Do an inspection of your home a very sharp and objective eye.

Just because something “passed code inspection” does not mean it is the safest way to exist. Keep in mind that things like the National Electric Code specify only minimal safety standards. An item may pass code but still present safety hazards. One little defective component in a piece of technology has hidden dangers.

Remodeling by a handyman is another common source of hidden dangers. Always double check for proper fire-rated doors, door frames, vents, proper gypsum wall and ceiling coverings and attic access ceiling doors. Are there any wall openings into adjacent living spaces where smoke could travel and fire could gain easier access?

Do you have hand fire extinguishers at easily accessible places? Have you checked to see if they have expired?

Someone’s life may depend on looking at what is often overlooked.

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